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Category Grids

Create a flexible and easy to use category grid for your products. With the ability to control the number of columns and generate auto masonry layout, control the spacing between categories, text alignment and much more.

Single Product Layouts

Noor offers additional custom product layouts to help show off your products in the way you see most fit.

Single Product Layouts

Similar to the structure of the default WooCommerce single product layout, but finely tweaked and enhanced with touch-enabled sliders product navigation and add to wishlist. The product thumbnail slider acts as a navigation for the main gallery slider situated above it.

Sticky Description

This layout allows your users to scroll freely through your product images while keeping the product information and thumbnails in view at all times.

Product Carousels

Product carousel is Touch and mobile friendly, you can display it on full width or contained layout.Allows you displaying Sale/Featured and best Sales products only for specific categories or for all products.

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Bluza tip ie
250,00 lei
Bluza tip ie realizată din organza plus dantela bumbac. Setul include și un cordon detașabil. Produs fabricat cu iubire în România.
Mărime potrivită S-M
*Produs fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 61 cm
Bust 120 cm
Lungime mânecă 60 cm
Talie  65 cm
Camasa Tradițională S-M
180,00 lei
Cămașă tradițională realizata pe bază de in plus broderie nouă aplicată. Mărime potrivită S-M.
*Produs unicat, fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 64 cm
Bust 100 cm
Lungime mânecă  35 cm
Circumferință terminație ie 112cm
Ie Banat
850,00 lei
Ie recondiționată pe baza noua de in,  cu broderie culeasă din Banat. Vechime broderie zestre peste 50 ani. Produs fabricat cu iubire în România.
Mărime potrivită S-L
*Produs unicat, fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 61 cm
Bust 116 cm
Lungime mânecă 67 cm
Talie elastic  62 cm-112cm
Ie Maramureș
1.000,00 lei
Ie nou-cusută de mana pe  bumbac satinat folosind tehnica acului persan. Bluza conține   și un cordon detașabil.
Mărime potrivită S-L
*Produs unicat, fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 60 cm
Bust 114 cm
Lungime mânecă  70  cm
Talie 115 cm
Ilic Banat pentru copil
150,00 lei
Ilic tradițional pentru copil cules din  Banat și recondiționat în livadă. Broderie cu vechime de peste 60 ani. Produs unicat, zestre.
*Produs unicat, fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 35  cm
Distanță umeri
27 cm
Bust  40 cm
Rochie tradițională S
500,00 lei
Rochie tradițională lucrată pe bază de bumbac 100% cu broderie zestre. Vechime broderie cca 50 de ani. Broderie preluată de pe un set zestre din Banat. Mânecile sunt intacte. Setul include și un cordon detașabil. Mărime potrivită S.
 Produs fabricat cu iubire în România.
Lungime rochie 86 cm
Bust  105 cm
Lungime mânecă   44 cm
Talie  104 cm
Sold  132 cm
Rochie Camasa
350,00 lei
Rochie- camașă  autentica. Culeasă din Oltenia. Păstrată în stare pură.
Vechime peste 50 de ani.                                                                                                               Mărime S-M
*Produs unicat, fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime 84 cm
Bust 114 cm
Lungime mânecă 44 cm
Talie 130 cm
Sold 124 cm
Rochie S-M
600,00 lei
Rochie cusută din voal brodat. Partea de fusta prezintă căptușeală pe interior.
Setul conține rochia plus brâul cu mărgele aplicații.
Mărimea potrivită S-M
*Produs fabricat cu iubire în România
Lungime  125 cm
Bust  115 cm
Lungime mânecă din gât  73 cm
Talie pe elastic 64-82 cm
Sold  106 cm

Clean Design & Easy to Customize

Shop pages can have an extreme variety of setups. Choose sidebar or full width page, customize all styles for your desired look, use any Noor elements or WooCommerce widgets and a lot more.

Minimalistic design highly usable and very
functional with no distraction.

Easy to include WoocOmmerce pages such
as cart and wishlist using shortcode

Easy to include WooCommerce Widgets in
the Sidebar/Footer

Sell With Styles!

NOOR WordPress theme is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin the most popular eCommerce platform on the web stats from Builtwith, so you can rest assured you’re in good company. Noor design is very beautiful and stylish, which lets you build an amazing site for your products.
The theme Offer clean look, modern and unique design, and comes with nice sidebar elements, including a showcase of the products in your store.


Effective Banner Element

Noor Banner element let you create beautiful responsive banners, you can use the image hover effects to create amazing hover effects, apply parallax effect, apply animation and much more attractive effects. Check it Now

Video Backgrounds

Parallax Effect

Image Backgrounds

Solid and gradient Cover Color

Highly SEO Optimized Theme

Noor has great SEO performance assure the placing of your products highly on the relevant rankings. Displaying stars rating, prices and availability in the stock.

Some companies see an increase in clickthrough-rate as great as 20%-30% after implementing star ratings in their search results. In the same way that people are more likely to purchase a product a friend recommends, users understand that stars are representative of someone’s experiences with a product or brand.


AMP Compatible

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

Web pages in the AMP format load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile and desktop.


Advanced Columns

Advanced settings for products will help you get more layout & content control by choosing the number of columns that you want to display for your products. You can display your product by two, three, four, five and six columns.

Product Quick View

The Noor product quick view option. Enable your users to see more product information and images without leaving their current location. The result is a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

Ajax Product Filters & wishlist

Noor is fully compatible with the popular WooCommerce related plugin YITH Ajax product filters and wishlist

Ajax Cart In Header

With cart ajax feature speed up the shopping process and increases the over experience for your users by eliminating extra steps before checking out

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